Dr. Ian M. Church

I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Hillsdale College and the Director of the (newly minted!) Arete Research Center. My areas of specialization are epistemology and the philosophy of psychology. My current research includes work on intellectual virtues, the Gettier Problem, epistemic luck, disagreement, heuristics and biases, non-reductive models of knowledge, the social situatedness of reasoning, experimental philosophy, and religious epistemology.

I earned my PhD and MLitt in philosophy from the St Andrews-Stirling Joint Programme and my BA in philosophy and rhetoric & composition English at Ball State University. My hobbies include chess, travel, literature, aquarium-keeping, and LEGOs (thanks to my kids).



My wife and I have been married for 15 years and have four children. The header is a picture of Saligo Bay on Islay, Scotland.

Radio Inteview
I was interviewed on Dr. Eldon Taylor's Provocative Enlightenment radio program on my recent work on intellectual humility. 
Project Interview
I was recently interviewed by the John Templeton Foundation on the "Problem of Evil and Experimental Philosophy of Religion" project. 

Updates / News

New Monograph
Intellectual Humility: An Introduction to the Philosophy and Science , with Peter L. Samuelson


"The Gambler" by Vladimir Nemukhin

The Eidyn research center at the University of Edinburgh has launched a suite of massive open online courses (or MOOCs) on intellectual humility. In this trailer, I introduce some of the big questions  and research topics the courses explore.

Part of my current research involves understanding the nature of luck and diagnosing is wrong with the reductive analysis of knowledge. Robert Hartman and I are the editors of the forthcoming Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy and Psychology of Luck.