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Hillsdale Plantinga Reading Group 

Warranted Christian Belief

Thanks to generous funding from the John Templeton Foundation and the Society of Christian Philosophers, Hillsdale College will be running a reading group on the work of Dr. Alvin Plantinga, the winner of the 2017 Templeton Prize. Plantinga is one of the most celebrated and influential Christian philosophers alive, and many credit him with ushering in a renaissance in Christian philosophy that we are still enjoying today and for giving new legitimacy to Christian philosophy within the secular academy. We’ll be reading through Plantinga’s seminal work, Warranted Christian Belief (2000), which (perhaps unsurprisingly) aims to explore the “intellectual or rational acceptability of Christian belief” (vii). And by "Christian belief" Plantinga means “what is common to the great creeds of the main branches of the Christian church, what unites Calvin and Aquinas, Luther and Augustine, Menno Simons and Karl Barth, Mother Teresa and St Maximus the Confessor, Billy Graham and St Gregory Palamas—classical Christian belief, as we might call it” (vii).  



Funds are available for buying books for up to 30 students interested in participating in the reading group. 

Snacks and Drinks will be provided! Hopefully facilitating a congenial, relaxed environment for serious discussion! 


For Credit


For Fun

Students can participate in the reading group for credit or more informally. A 1-credit hour course will be offered through the Collegiate Scholars Program in the spring; however, the course is open to everyone! Open to all students!


We will be meeting in the Heritage Room (in the library) at 7-7:50pm on Mondays next semester, starting on Monday January 22nd.


Interested in participating in the reading group? Please email Dr. Ian Church ( directly or register here:

Interested students will be contacted with more information in due course and instructions regarding where to pick up their free copy of Warranted Christian Belief (2000).

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